Maria Sofia S. Salas

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She’s the kind of queen that knows her crown isn’t on her head but in her soul.

Supporting and Campaign Materials

To support our petition, Agent of Changes conducted an interview at their own school.

We also create flyers to promote and give awareness about our advocacy.

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Agents of Change would not only like to create CHANGES, but we want PROGRESS.

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School Wi-Fi Implementation Advocacy

Wi-Fi Implementation
Created by the Group

“Flexible learning and mobility is the future of the world. As the world continues to grow, innovation from it creates a massive changes and progress in before simple way of living turn into technology basis life. Wi-Fi for instance, is one of the greatest contributions of this advancement. This development creates a tremendous impact in education.

Recent studies conducted by The British Education Suppliers Association (BESA), E-Learning Foundation and other educational authorities suggest pupils in England are at risk of missing out because their schools do not have good enough Wi-Fi solutions.

Today, a good wireless network must be installed to allow schools to embrace this mobility to ensure learning is aligned with current technology trends. Almost all devices used for learning require a wireless connection or are wireless enabled. Couple this with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and the need for shared resources and security, the wireless network becomes a number one priority.”

The internet connection is important and the following reasons are below:

  • There is a huge amount of educational material in internet.
  • Wi-Fi delivers information irrespective of where the student is; the internet holds the world’s knowledge


There is also a big difference between the ‘internet’ and ‘Wi-Fi’ when it comes down to teaching and learning implications. Poor Wi-Fi in schools and colleges means an entire generation of technology, such as tablets, is not useable in classrooms, which puts limitations on learning. Therefore, Wi-Fi in education is vital.

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of school Wi-Fi in school


  • The internet can bring people together using video conferencing technology, emails and online resources. The means teachers can access the knowledge of people around the globe for special lectures, and it means children who can’t attend schools due to illness or disability can take part via video conferencing,
  • Technology has transformed the roles of teaching staff. The concept of online learning and self-teaching has been widely adopted and educational staff are now using cloud-based applications to upload podcasts, learning resources, exam results and videos online, in order to encourage more independent learning and self-teaching,
  • Digital tools such as interactive whiteboards, tablets and social networks are now integrated into everyday learning and the rising popularity of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) mean that students now expect to be able to connect to their educational resources at anytime, anywhere,
  • Portability enhances collaboration between students and communication between students and teachers,
  • Development of digital literacy skills,
  • New opportunities for collaborative learning, and
  • Improved student learning outcomes, extended students’ learning beyond the classroom.


  • When access to unlimited resources becomes available anytime, anywhere virtually instantaneously, educators and students begin to use those resources differently.
  • Decrease the social capacity of the students.
  • Students might lose focus in their study. (If always being used for entertainment and social applications)

Students can’t distinguish good information from the fake stuff. They can use Facebook, but they don’t know how to protect their personal information. They can watch YouTube, but they don’t use it to learn new things. So, there should be restrictive policies designed to protect students from online content and to avoid the misuse of the growing technology.

Education is rapidly moving towards. Wi-Fi also allows a more flexible approach to learning which makes education more inclusive. Mobile technology has become central to the learning process. Wi-Fi connection can creates a great impact if being use right and properly. Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury in education – it’s a key ingredient. And as a student, The Agent of Changes support this school Wi-Fi implementation advocacies.

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Poems today are not only been seen, they can now be hear. The words of the poet are not only being read, but can now be speak out.

There are some people create art or music to express their feelings. In the Millenial way, some post Facebook updates, tweeting about what recently happen in their days, while others turn to alcohol. But the old way of expressing yourself and thoughts was now being reinvented by the so called Millenials. Spoken word poetry has made its way into the hearts of many Filipinos. Spoken poetry is another way of writing but it is meant to be read out loud. It is an oral art that focuses on the aesthetics of word play and intonation and voice inflection.

word a

Spoken poetry is a heavy use of rhythms, word play and improvisation. Fillipinos likely do this type of trend today. By means of spoken poetry, they can express their thoughts about a certain thing or person. Every piece of art made by the poet sometimes has hidden stories, either happy, sad or tragic that makes it more relatable and entertaining. The group Word Anonymous is a team of Fillipino performance poets who spread the word poetry across the country. In every poem they perform they really succeeded in their group goal which is “weaving tales of love, loss, inequality, and the struggles of finding one’s place in the world”.


You may already familiar with Juan Miguel Severo. His piece, “Ang Huling Tula na Isusulat Ko Para Sayo” was really the most heartbreaking spoken poetry I ever heard. It hooks up the viewer’s heart as the piece perfectly describes the feelings of those who have already exhausted in love. It was very suited in my blog. HAHAHA. Even a person who never been through heartaches will feel the emotions, anger within the piece.

Hugot Line: “Patawarin mo ako sa hindi pag-alis at patatawarin kita sa hindi mo pananatili”. My favourite line.

Some part of the piece are:

“Magsisimula ako sa umpisa, sa kung paano niyakap mo ako nung sabihin ko sayong “mahal kita”..

Sa kung paanong hinalikan mo ako sa noo sabay sabi na “mahalaga ka”..

At ako naming ito si tanga, tuwang tuwa na hindi pa nilinaw nga na

Ayaw ko na maging mahalaga , ayaw ko na maging halaga..

Watch the full video to hear the whole poem and how Juan Miguel delivers his famous piece.

To the person who SAVED me,

PicsArt_08-29-08.42.12.jpg       My legs are already tired chasing, my arm are tired trying to pull person not to leave me. My heart, body feels very tired to love. I am now hesitant to give a try. Because part of me wonders if I can handle “one more” any more. Uncertainty restrain me.

You pulled me out in a very deep hole I expect no one can do. You made me feel alive when I thought I’m slowly dying. You taught me how to cherish every part of me, all of me, no matter how flawed I was.

I am difficult, stubborn and hard headed. Thank you for being so patient. I know most of the time, I’ve been reaching your limit, but you still remain on my side. You did not abandon me like what they did. I have a hard time trusting. The more comfortable I get with you the bigger my personality will get, the louder my voice will get, the more bossy lady you will get and the bigger my opinion will widen.

Thank you for being here with me. Thank you for helping me find worth within myself. For being a great guy when I struggled to see any in the world. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve you. I can’t comprehend why some other prettier girl didn’t take you off years ago. I will never be able to wrap my head around what a perfectly flawless guy like you sees in a perfectly flawed girl like me. I am so lucky to have you. Because without you I am completely lost.

I promise I will try to return half or even the whole things you done for me. Thank you for saving me.

To the person who left me,

PicsArt_08-29-07.53.52.jpg       I want to start off by saying I don’t regret meeting you. But I’ll be honest – for a little while, I did. Waking up in an empty space of my bed, when I slowly starting to feel your absence in my daily activities. Starting to miss you so bad and suddenly truth sinks in my head, – you’re gone forever.

A month wherein I am always getting through with this- falling apart when I hear your name, cringe in pain when hearing the songs we both love, breaking by looking the photo of us. It’s tearing me. I always want that closure so we can totally walk to our chosen path. But I think it will never be happen.

At the beginning all I want is to forget you ever existed. I spend my night wishing that we’ve never meet. It funny that I still love the first time, how and the day we met. Five years of us. I didn’t fall for your looks. I fall for your deep eyes. You always telling me, they can’t look in your eyes because they were scary, no they are not, they are perfectly beautiful. I’ve seen things in your eyes that I’ve never seen in other people eyes. I see so much in you that you fail to see in yourself. I don’t hate you instead I want to thank you. Thank you for all the late night convos and secrets we shared. To be your favourite person even if it didn’t last. Thank you for being here, even you left me in the middle of the battlefield. Thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for leaving even if I give you everything that I had. Thank you for making me felt that I wasn’t someone worth fighting for. Thank you for letting me go. Without you letting me go I cannot be the best version of myself now.

Now, you never make my heart beat faster, bring butterflies in my stomach, tickles my little and fragile heart. I can now say your name without me feeling those arises within my heart. It was him taking your place now. I keep asking myself before ‘anong mali sa akin?, kulang paba ako?” and I realize, my personality, the body and face I have has nothing to do with it. I wasn’t what you wanted.

You keep on letting go of my hand for a moment. You thought even how many times you left me, I will never leave you. But I don’t want to do it anymore. I treated you the best I could, so I have no regrets. You’ll regret it. Looking back, I should never beg you to stay; I don’t deserve you as well as you don’t deserve me. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I know it will something good and better with or without you. You lost our dream and our daydreams. You lost me. You lost us.

We are now just two people who were brought together for a period of time so that we could learn from each other. I thought you were my only source of light. Before I was drowning and every single day I woke up and hoped your hand would pull me up to the surface and save me. But now I’m fine. I now forget and forgive you.

When the day comes will have to see each other again, you’ll be blinded, but not by the fire you gave at me, but the shine I made for myself.

It doesn’t have to be PERFECT, to be BEAUTIFUL

IMG_-2lgj7h              August 29, 2017. The pageant ‘Lakan and Lakambini ng Wika’ was held. The day I decided to step in the better version of myself.  As a participant, I am nervous. But as what I keep telling to myself, ‘Just enjoy’.

             Along the process of the preparation for the event I realize some things.  I changed. I learned to love my skin, my body, my face and my flaws. I learn to define happiness on my own terms and I no longer have my happiness depend on other person. The storm is now over, and that storm creates me to become a strong and independent woman.

             Having the title ‘Lakambini ng Luzon’ is a big achievement for me. Not winning the crown is never a loss. Pageant is not all about winning and wearing the crown. It is all about what you do on that day, serving and trying to be the best person you can be that may be able to inspire other people.

             I would also like to express my deepest gratitude with this article. To my Family,  Mr. Kelly Santiago, Bes ABM family and Senior High School Teachers , Thank you for supporting me.

-You’re not so beauty queen.